Dr. Joseph Pelerin, DDS Inventor

Dr. Joseph Pelerin graduated from University of Detroit-Mercy Dental School in 1973, and practices general dentistry in Auburn Hills, Michigan. He is a member of the American Dental Assn, Michigan Dental Assn. Academy of General Dentistry and the Academy of Operative Dentistry.

Dr. Pelerin also develops products for dentistry, owning 6 US and foreign patents. In addition to his solo practice, he has started two companies offering innovative products for operative and prosthetic dentistry. He has published articles on bonding, impressioning, and provisional crown & bridge.

“Clenching and grinding of teeth are at an all-time high during these extremely stressful times. General and specific anxiety, tension and fears do not just disappear when sleeping. While some people grind and clench their teeth during the day, MOST do this at night in their sleep and are unaware that they do it; except for the pain they suffer. In short, as the jaw muscles contract on the front, the shoulder, neck and head muscles reflexively contract on the back. Hence, the connection – the mystery – is explained! One thing is certain; once the clenching and grinding were treated with a proper appliance, the shoulder, neck and headache pain dissipate!”

Dr. Joseph Pelerin, DDS, Inventor

Who We Are

Grind Guard Technologies, LLC is privately owned and located in Michigan.  We are not a huge company or subsidiary of one, and we want your business and want you and your patients to be happy. GGT was incorporated in 2010.

We do not have a brick & mortar store outlet, but rather we ship the products directly to the practice address.

Meet Our Team

Joe Pelerin, DDS, CEO
Joe Pelerin, DDS, CEO
Doctor Pelerin has been in private practice for over 40 years. He has created and patented several successful dental products including the GrindRelief. He is co-founder of Advantage Dental Products and Grind Guard Technologies.
Paula Kot
Paula KotOffice Manager
The company’s first employee, Paula is also the liaison for purchasing, marketing, advertising and legal, with a degree in legal assisting. She also handles orders and customer questions and regulatory compliance.
Susan Matthews
Susan MatthewsMarketing
Susan has been associated with Grind Guard Technologies, working on their material for years. She recently joined the staff overseeing the development of marketing and advertising material.
Kelly Hutchinson, CDA
Kelly Hutchinson, CDA
In addition to being a chairside dental assistant for 20 years, Kelly manages inventory and helps with customer questions period she has vast experience with the clinical use of Grind Guard Technologies products.

Putting Science Between the Teeth